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Reach your audience. 

Every great product, service or organization has an image, a message, a story.  Getting the right message to the right audience...your vitally important to the success of your mission.  You need copy and content that:

  • Tells a story that brings your business to life

  • Speaks to the intended audience

  • Informs, educates and engages the reader

  • Builds reader trust in your product or service

  • Delights the reader so they want to take action

  • Drives sales or lead generation

That's where I come in. 

Let's talk about your project!  Click below to schedule a free, initial consultation.

Content Creation


Already have copy or content to work with? Super!

Let's discuss your goals and determine whether it would best to do a rewrite or simply spruce up what you've already worked hard to create.

Basic proofreading catches mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation that you can fix on your end.

For more intense support, I can fully edit your content. That means I'll fix the errors, make structural changes, edit for length...whatever is needed to get your

piece ready to publish.


I'm captivated by the simple beauty of an idea gracefully expressed through the written word. I'm passionate in my pursuit of effective communication through the thoughtful construction of phrases.    

I write for the thrill of putting pen to paper and, in a digital world, keystrokes to the screen.


I write to share thoughts and ideas...both mine and yours. 

I studied English and Communications through high school and college.  Lucky kid, I landed my first writing job while just a junior in high school, crafting ad copy for a chain of

high-end jewelry stores in Phoenix.  For the next 12 years, I developed marketing materials, wrote press releases and advertorials, penned copy for product packaging, composed scripts for sales personnel and television commercials.

For the last 20 years, I've had the profound pleasure of working alongside my wickedly talented, commercial photographer/videographer husband, Ken Howie.  Together we've produced television and print ads, video marketing presentations, catalogs and brochures for discerning advertising clients nationwide.  Presently, I'm writing the script for Ken's latest documentary film.

Now a resident of North Dakota, having followed my fabulous husband back to his childhood home, I write and edit marketing copy and media content for a new group of clients.  I enjoy volunteering for a handful of non-profit organizations and churches, writing articles, editing publications, and copywriting marketing and promotional material.


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North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

Spirit of the Badlands Lodging

Ken Howie Studios

CRE South Dakota


Ukrainian Cultural Institute

ND Ukrainian Festival

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Client:  Ken Howie Studios​
Project:  "Feek's Vision" Documentary Scriptwriter & Producer


CowboyChronicle_SummerHeadlines2018 Fina
Client:  North Dakota Cowboy
Hall of Fame
Project:  The Cowboy Chronicle | Editor - 6 Issues Annually


RPAC_American Dream_Final.jpg
Client:  REALTORS    PAC
Project:  Protecting the American Dream | Writer/Editor